Wolfgang Ellenberger

Wolfgang Ellenberger is MultiTalentDoc

Wolfgang Ellenberger -now living in Switzerland- studied piano (diploma in music academy Hamburg, concert exam music academy Lübeck) and worked also as conductor.


After giving more than 30 master-classes for medical doctors in Germany he founded THIS web DoctorsTalents.com
Later he founded the DoctorsTalents.com association and became president of it for his life-time.

He is the founder of
PDO – Philharmonic Doctors Opera
world´s first ever OPera Company of 80 Docs from 15 countries.
They performed Mozart´s Magic Flute in Wilhelma Theatre Stuttgart/Germany in 2010.
See Ellenberger´s Web


and his and DctorsTalents.com youtube-account

has played organ in his youth for 12 years (though with little pedal…)


actual portrait:
oneSHOOT-20160707-VP-Wolfgang Ellenberger-3898

He has been organising events for 20 years see his clients list
and the actual Heuboden.events page

Since his workshop with Elisabeth Kübler-Ross in 1983 he opened up more and more to spiritualty learning to know a bunch of groups of different “colours”. Working in psychiatry he is specialised in states of “dissociation” and mediality.


He managed an event-service for 20 years providing a 630 kg concert-grand piano for events with and without pianist and much more….

He has been translating this bi-lingual website  and worked as interpreter in the business field.

He has played as “Maestro collaboratorio di palcoscenico” at the Ballet of the Teatro alla Scala of Milan (see press review). When coming back from Milano after 3 years he worked as a waiter (also at Milano!) in Germany at the maritin hotel Würzburg until he got enough piano students. There he accompanied a dancer:

Accompanying a ballet dancer doing the splits on top of the grand piano!
Accompanying a ballet dancer doing the splits on top of the grand piano! Click on photo for video!

He has written the “Travel Diary of a Concert Grand Piano”

Publishing several CDs and DVDs he made a lot of studio productions and published them as well as some print media.

He sang in opera choirs of Schlossfestspiele Zwingenberg and in the Theatre of Würzburg/Germany.

3rd from left





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