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Vera Zylka-Menhorn is JournalistDoc


Vera Zylka-Menhorn  is journalist for 20 years now. On April 25, 2006 she got the Walter-Trummert-medal from Peter Sefrin in the name of the association of the german medical press, this happened in Wiesbaden where this association had a yearly meeting.

Zylka-Mehnhorn, born on May 3, 1954, studied medicine in Cologne (1972-1979) and became specialized in Anesthesy. She was much interested in the athmosphere
in the operation rooms.

In 1986 she swithced over to journalism, beginning at the big german newspaper “DIE WELT” (1986-1990), then as free lance and finally she came to the “Deutsches Ärzteblatt”. There she is responsable for the “Medizinreport” which is commenting actual medical reports. She is emphasizing precise information about new products and procedures and is never shy to use clear words.

By the way the prize was donated by two competing companies -people were smiling about this fact. Their teams were sitting on different tables but were unified in the intention to honorate critical journalism……

Deutsches Ärzteblatt

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