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Hallo  Mr. Ellenberger,

You have asked for a description of my hobbies. Here it is.
The list would be: Computer, drawing, writing, walking, playing piano, creating jewelry,
supporting church music
. (Maybe I forgot some hobbies which I am doing less often).

The most important hobby I have made my profession since 1996 is
programming of computers. And here first of all the application of medical knowledge.

A typical sort of “cross validation” of Laboratory results is:
A patient serum has Measles-IgG positive and Measles-IgM negative;
my program writes a validation: Former measles infection or vaccination.
No sign of an acute infection.

Another example:
The result is Chlamydia-IgG negative and Chlamydia-IgM positive+:
Suspect of acute Chlamydia infection if also Chlamydia-IgG goes up after control,
otherwise unspecific reaction. Occasionally cross-reaction with Chlamydia pneumoniae and psittaci.

Mostly I am doing it during holidays (not even every time). It makes me forget everything around.
During our holiday in Fuerteventura I made this drawing (pencil and ink.
I also like to combine cole and ink.



You must know that Ulrich Ludwig comes from Pforzheim/Germany the most famous town in the country for jewelry production.
So it is more than consequent to have it as hobby to create some of it:


Short story:
in German: “Die Tätowierung

Read his short story “The Tatoo” below:

The Tatoo

Yesterday I was lying on a chair in the sunbathing area of the hotel Méditerranée beside the pool and enjoyed the sun and the blue sky. Steep rocks with cactusses were growing towards the chapel of Maria de Rocca.  A wall of natural stones protected the swimming pool against the close hillside. On this wall something moved: A small lizard was winding along from stone to stone, stopping in between until it disappeared in the wall.Today I have choosen a chair close to the mountain because the air is smoother here and the wall irradiates additional warmth in the late afternoon. “Look here! What´s that?”, said Mrs Gehlen, who had swum to the border of the pool and held onto the rim.

Like a petrifaction the lizard -about 5 centimeters long- was sitting on the margin right above the moving waters. It is totally wet and the water has darkened its colour. Maybe it has fallen into the pool and could just rescue itself.

Maybe its eyes are burning because of the Chloride in the water. Or it is stiff from the cold water and waits for its cold blood to warm up from the sun.

Mrs Gehlen slightly touches the head of the lizard. Thus the little animal revives. But it falls into the water again and gratefully accepts the stretched-out finger to be rescued.

From there I take it in my hand. But the lizard obviously does not want to be captured in my hands. It crawls out there fastly and goes on to my left forearm. Here it petrifies again and grips my hairs with its little claws. Like a tatoo it holds still in an s-shape. Only its breast is widening and relaxing in a regular rhythm but the others do not see that. For them it must look like a tatoo.

Damp and cold I feel the little animal. The fine claws are picking my skin. I return to my chair and passing by I show my “tatoo” to the other guests. Then I grasp my book. What´s the lizard doing? It sticks to my forearm and does not dare to move except some little movement of the head to the left and to the right.

It was sitting like that for about ten minutes and could not be disturbed. When I wanted to go to the pool myself I softly pushed it to the stand of my parasol. There it swifts away rapidly and disappears in a crack of the wall.

Ulrich Ludwig

Wolfgang Ellenberger, translation

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