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Tess Gerritsen (born June 12, 1953) is an American novelist and retired physician.

While on maternity leave, she submitted a short story to a statewide fiction contest in the magazine Honolulu. Her story, “On Choosing the Right Crack Seed,” won first prize and she received $500.[6][8] The story focused on a young male reflecting on a difficult relationship with his mother. Gerritsen claimed the story allowed her to deal with her own childhood turmoil, including the repeated suicide attempts of her mother

She enjoys gardening and playing the fiddle, and lives in Camden, Maine

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She writes in November 2007:
I write crime novels because when I was a young child, my mother took me to many, many horror films. I came to love the experience of being frightened by a story, either in the movie house or on the page. I was also a big reader of mystery novels when I was a child, and I like the genre very much. I think that’s why I write it — because it’s also what I enjoy reading.

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