Susanne Pechel

Susanne Pechel is GuitarDoc, SingingDoc, CharityDoc, PianoDoc, ComposerDoc, WriterDoc, PublisherDoc


Due to a school teacher who did not allow her to arrange a beneficial recital in her school she shifted towards independant organisation and organised her events on her own. Coming from the piano she switched to guitar. From this she could rise a beneficial organisation and engage herself in several overseas countries with significant projects.

Whoever can invite her for a recital and make it beneficial for her work is welcome to do so!

Her foundation (1992)  has 1000 supporters all over Germany. It supported projects in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Eastern Europe. See

Since age 16 she performs as songwriter and singer accompamying herself with guitar. At age 18 she was presented in TV and radio and won the International pop trophee in 2003 in the categories composition, lyrics and interpretation with her song “Living in a rich world, able to give.” She published several CDs.






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