Sebastian Obermaier

Sebastian Obermaier was PriestDoc, ArchitectureDoc and much more


Sebastian Wilhelm Obermaier Mayer, Pater Sebastian (Padre Sebastian), (* 24. Oktober 1934 in Rosenheim; † 2. August 2016 in El Alto[1]) was a missionaire in  Bolivia who imprinted the El Alto area in Bolivia working practically as doctor, architect, politician and charity-founder of 34 schools and 72 churches.

His father died early he worked for his family and paid for his theological studies himself. First he was sent to Venezuela and then finally fulfilled his wish to work in the Indio people in Bolivia.


He established contact to people to be able to found his first congregation there by playing in the street with his guitar. He had to work like a doctor to the people like a general practitioner and dentist, then he built many churches and schools and got the function of a state minister from the president of Bolivia.


He even helped to create a catholic TV channel and change it from digital to satellite formate. He still could yodel at his high age.


Contact to support his charity work:
Hans und Carola Obermaier, Zeisigweg 30, 83026 Rosenheim
Tel.: 08031-3043632, Fax 08031-3043633, E-mail:

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