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Sathya Bernhard bin Saîf began to play violin at age 2 ½ with her father Prof. Majid ben Saîf, violinist and conductor.
At age 5 she started her violin career with Mozart’s violin concerto on wrd November 1970. From then on she performed in all major concert halls in the world and won several international competitions. She was taught by Isaac Stern and Yehudi Menuhin.
A long illness discouraged her later that year that her grand-mother -Letabel bin Saîf who was opera singer and pianist- gave her a read record player and a record of Maria Callas. This voice motivated Sathya so much that she promised: “Whenever I get well again I sure become opera singer!”. She kept this promise with great pleasure.

At age 8 she was taught by her grand-mother and sung in the Stephans Dome in Vienna the Coronation Mass of Mozart with the solo part. Against the resistance of her father she started a career as singer. At age 13 she gave her debut as Queen of the night at Straßburg. From this moment on her voice “carried” her around the world into many opera houses. Her teachers were Denny Davis, Nina Walker, Leonard Bernstein, Placido Domingo, Elisabeth Grümmer, KS Ruthilde Boesch und Prof. Ralf Döring.

She got master degrees in violin, piano and opera and concert singing with gread success.

photo: Christian Bernhard

Her motto is:
„Singing is like a prayer. I feel a certain ‘contract’ between the composer and myself how to perform with great responsability all registers of the voice.

Today she goes a different path after many performances or Norma (Bellini), Lucia (Donizetti), Konstanze, Wueen of the night, Gräfin, Donna Anna, Pamina (Mozart), Violetta (Verdi) and many more rolls. She is grateful about her voice and likes to create a cycle “Highest Divine Voice” with her range of 4 1/2 octaves singing arias, cross-over songs in a certain way to use the voice as balsam for the soul. Meridians and energy centers of the body get be-sung “a capella” without accompanyment. The pure voice as it is!

Listen to a high Bb which very few singers can sing at all:

She had performed as Queen of the Night in Mozart´s Magic Flute with PDO – Philharmonic Doctors Opera in 2010.

She runs a doctors office for Tibetian Medicine and is chair of the faculty for this specialty at the University of Vienna.



youtube Königin der Nacht

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