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Ronny Tekal is ComedyDoc and more

Ronny Tekal (born as Ronny Teutscher 23. July 1969 in Vienna) is an austrian doctor, comedian, medical journalist, composer, radio redactor, author of books and founder of the medical cabaret Peter & Tekal.

Already during his medical studies he composed musicals for school classes like “Hospital” which had premiere 1992 at Vienna/Austria. Other works were “Die Stachelbären” and “Coccinella” which were performed at Vienna.

In 1995 he founded the cabaret duo “Peter & Teutscher” with the communication scientist Norbert Peter, since 2006 they specialised on medical themes and called it “medical cabaret”. So they are lined up with other JokeDocs as Eckart von Hirschhausen, Lüder Wohlenberg or Ludger Stratmann and got lots of prizes.

christmas night shift | Weih-Nacht-Dienst

They have been portrayed for several times on ORF and 3sat TV and showed with entire programs. Tekal is in the ORF radio redaction and works also as “radio-doctor”. He writes a column in “Ärzte-Woche”

See him playing the piano and singing along……

He is co-founder of the beneficial association PULS fighting to lower sudden heart death, which installed more than 300 defibrillators at Vienna tube stations and got a prize for this activity.






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