Rolf Spangenberg

Rolf Spangenberg is TVDoc and SportsDoc and more


His life motto: To help cooperation between man and animals.

Spangenberg is TV moderator and does lots of sports.

He was born in February 7, 1932 in Hamburg and wanted to become veterinarian when he was 6 years old. After his “Abitur” (high school degree) he studied veterinary medicine in Gießen, Hannover and Berlin. Besides his work as veterinarian and his engagement in the protection of animals he worked as a journalist and wrote several books. Today he gives tips in a bunch of papers and magazines as well as in TV and radio broadcasts. If he has some time left over he goes travelling and hiking with his wife and goes biking with his motor bike just besides his participation in marathon runs. Apart from sharks and certain insects there is no animal race he does not like. At home he has a snake (“Kornnatter”) named Karoline as pet and likes its beauty and its tolerance when he is out of house so often.

Abstract of his life told by himself:

It is proof that I wanted to become veterinarian at age 6. For a child in an established Hamburg family rather unusual. After studies in Gießen, Hannover and Berlin this target was reached at age 25.

When assisting at births of animals I often had to entertain the people standing around so they would not go away and would be at disposition to help out a little. Often the farmers’ wives said: “Doctor your sutures are much better than those on my belly!”

My first microphone was in my hands at RTL (radio) talking about “all my animals” with Rainer Holbe. After this RTL-TV called and we made “simply animalistic” for three years. In the early 80-ies I began the “veterinarian visit” at SWR 4 radio and felt like home there besides TV productions with 3sat and ZDF. Then SWR-TV produced “Rat & Tat” and our team worked like a big family. WHERE is it possible to continue a production for nearly 20 years??

At age 10 he played as actor in the famous Hamburg Ohnsorg-Theatre for 2 years together with famous Heidi Kabel.

Since age 35 he has done 14 marathon runs, one of them at the original site in Greece….


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