Roland Garve

Roland Garve is EthnoDoc and WriterDoc

In Neuguinea Garve visited the people of the Dani. They used to mumify their eminent warriers….

Garve has been travelling to nature tribes all over the world, bringing them health treatment as dentist with his mobile equipment and he was also documenting his experiences with photos and films. So he is author of several books and well-lknown in TV shows and in other media.

Film Report! “4-25 Cunahá – Tod im Regenwald”

guest at the Kimyal people – maximum 1,45 m tall!

as a child in the GDR (German Democratic Republic) he dreamt of visiting the indians – no way at that time of the “iron curtain”….
Garve with the famous indian chief Rauni
Garve is documenting his experiences and has published books and films
typical nose sticks at the Apatani people in the tibet-mongolian area

his books (click on pic to buy):

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