Robert Sommer

Robert Sommer (December 19, 1864 – February 2, 1937) was a German psychiatrist and genealogist born in Grottkau. He is remembered for his work in experimental psychology.
He studied philosophy, was inventor, founded a hiking association and was active in local politics for years.

Sommer vorne | in front row


1911 thru 1922 he was asked to become representative in the town hall.


He organised a hiking association and was hiking a lot privately. Though after a 6 hour tour he suffered from a pneumonia from which he died.


a machine for measuring 3-dimensionally gestures of the hand (1999)

Sommer got a patent on water shoes on which he could walk over water, they looke like skis. He also was engaged to organise an inventor association and created an inventor congress in Giessen.

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