PDO – Philharmonic Doctors Opera


PDO is the world´s first ever entire opera company consisting of health care professionals. 80 members from 15 countries produced and performed the opera “Magic Flute” from Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart between May 2008 and July 2010. The performance was in the “Wilhelma Theater” in Stuttgart/Germany and was transmitted as a live-stream over the internet in HD.

Watching this playlist you can have an opera evening at home in HD, during the ouverture you can read all names of involved persons.

The founder Wolfgang Ellenberger got the idea in 2008 around the debut of the WDO – World Doctors Orchestra and opened this new genre of doctors activities. The ensemble was mixed from professional musicians and costume builder, mask, stage decorator and light designer (EVERYBODY is healer/doctor as well!) and also amateurs. Some doctors have had their very first performance of an entire opera part.

web (in reconstruction)



promotion on XING

cinema performance August 6, 2016

Interview with founder in Deutschlandfunk


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