Ottomar Domnick

Ottomar Domnick (1907–1989) was MultiTalentDoc

…has been specialised in neurology and psychiatry with an own hospital in Stuttgart/Germany.
He was accomplished as one of the most active collectors and supporters of contemporary arts in Germany after WW II. He was author and director of several films, supported contemporary films. He played Cello and organised events with works of contemporanean music.

To continue his and his wife’s (1909-1991) work is the main task of his foundation.

an experimental film of Ottomar Domnick:

DomnickOttomar-CelloDoc-07 DomnickOttomar-CelloDoc-08  

for full film “Jonas”.

Not only with “Jonas” Ottomar Domnick has written movie history.
All movies of the so-called “father of cinema of different kind…” are available in the foundation.

Neue Kunst – Neues Sehen | Eine Einführung in das Wesen der modernen Malerei | 1950 | s/w, 35 mm, 10 Minuten

Willi Baumeister | (1954) | s/w und Farbe, 35 mm, 30 Minuten

Jonas | 1957 | s/w, 35 mm, 84 Minuten | ab Juni 2007 als DVD der Filmgalerie 451  zum Preis von 19,90 € erhältlich. Vorbestellungen nehmen wir gerne entgegen:


Gino | 1960 | s/w, 35 mm, 83 Minuten

ohne datum | 1962 | s/w, 35 mm, 83 Minuten

N.N. | 1968/69 | s/w, 35 mm, 76 Minuten

Augenblicke | 1972 | s/w, 35 mm, 75 Minuten

Domnick über Domnick | 1979 | s/w, 35 mm, 43 Minuten

There are some original brochures and posters available, please contact us:


In memoriam of his 100th birthday on April 20, 2007 the foundation will present exhibitions about his different paths in life..

The Collection Domnick does not only mean his international collection of abstract paintings and sculptures of the time after WorldWar II but only the place of presentation: The building is a private house for arts in a special athmosphere made by the architect Paul Stohrer and integrated in the landscape of Aichtal and Albtrauf.

There are paintings of Baumeister, Hartung and Winter, Piene, Dorazio and Brüning, Vedova, Rainer, Vostell. In the large garden there are sculptures of bronce, iron and steel: Avramidis, Lardera, Venet – in dialogue with nature.

In 2005 the house and park in Nürtingen near Stuttgart/Germany were renovated.



The Domnick-Cello-Prize for young artists has been started in 1982 and there was a competition at the music academy in Stuttgart in 1996, 1999 and 2001.

From 2007 the competition is under the patronage of Pierre Boulez.

Der Cello-Wettbewerb für Neue Musik der Staatlichen Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Stuttgart findet statt vom 5. bis 9. November 2007, das Konzert der Juroren am Mittwoch, 7. 11., das Preisträgerkonzert am Freitag, 9.11., jeweils 20.00 Uhr im großen Konzertsaal der Musikhochschule.
Nähere Informationen zum Wettbewerb >> und zum Kartenvorverkauf >>

Timora Rosler | Israel | 1996 []
Julian Steckel | Deutschland | 1999 []
Giorgi Kharadze | Georgien | 2001
Nicolas Altstaedt | Berlin | 2005

Go on, never stop was Ottomar Domnick’s motto, so his foundation continues presenting events with concerts, movies, exhibitions, lectures. In the special athmosphere of the collection recitals get an extraordinary density triggering synesthetic sensations.

Visit his overview at Wikipedia:

A report about his 100th- birthday in the “Deutsches Ärzteblatt”:

The official homepage:


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