Niklaus Nidecker

Niklaus Nidecker and father are BreweryDocs

Ellenberger visits the UeliBier Brewery of Niklaus Nidecker in 2005

Hans-Jakob Nidecker (father of Niklaus), born in 1919 was specialized in radiology and nuclear medicine and had worked until 1984. He was former “master” of an “Ehrengesellschaft zum Rebahus (Zunft)”, founder of the brewery “Fischerstube” and also playing trumpet. Though he is 85-years-old now (2005) he was still actively participating at the breweries business processes. His hobbies are beer, music and “Zunftwesen” in Basel/Switzerland.


His son, Niklaus Nidecker, born in 1949 was General Practitioner  (retired in 2015) in Erlach at the Lake Biel/Switzerland. He is married, has 2 adult daughters. His hobbies are beer, sailing and his function in the brewery is: President of the council, dealing with clients and staff. The wife of another brother (who is musician) is CEO.


wikipedia DE über die Brauerei


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