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Miguel Sanchez Romera is Cook(Book)Doc

Miguel Sánchez Romera is the Chef and owner of the L`Esguard Restaurante (got a Michelin star, closed in 2008 since he moved to Ney York). And he is neurologist!
He is, above all, a creator of emotions and feelings, who, guided by his scientific character, inspires to amazing perfectionism in his culinary preparations in which chromaticism and geometry form a partnership to bring us closer to the magnificent world of surprise and pleasure, not forgetting a type of taste delirium created by a brilliant and exceptional technique and an unimaginable creative spirit.

His style, which is called Constructionism, reflects an intelligent, elegant, refined cooking where, above all, real, authentic flavours and aromas that are gradually introduced into a world of magic and dreams to make the diner feel another dimension of the dish, based on art and the perfection of technique.

Born in 1964 in Cordoba, Argentina to Spanish immigrants, Miguel studied medicine at Argentina’s University of Cordoba, became a neurologist, and moved to Spain.  But also, while he was young, he studied the arts and decided on cooking to express his artistic side, while practicing the science of neurology.

Later Dr. Miguel was appointed as Head of the Neurological Department at Spain’s nearby Hospital Policlinica del Valles.  He and his wife, Cristina, then opened L’Esguard Restaurant in Sant Andreu de Llavaneres, just north of Barcelona.  He worked at the hospital Monday through Wednesday and opened and cooked at L’Esguard from Thursday through Sunday.  Within two years, he received a Michelin star.   One of his regular customers was Great Chef Ferran Adrià of El Bulli, 40 miles north of there.  In May of 2001, the Great Chefs team showed up at L’Esguard to tape Dr. Miguel, for the Discovery Channel’s new television series, Great Chefs of the World (episode #246).

His own presentation as powerpoint:

In 2008, Chef Miguel decided to move to the USA, and closed down L’Esguard.   In 2012, he opened Romera New York, within the Dream Downtown hotel, in the meatpacking district.  It closed six months later in 2013, after the New York Times issued a bad review. Stay tuned, this bio won’t end here!


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