Martin Hyca

Martin Hyca is ITDoc

Martin Hyca had a back injury so he could not follow his wish to become a heart surgeon. So he added biomechanical engineering studies and came to Tomtec a software company for Ultra-Sound machines which is world market leader in 4 D technology. Hyca is responsable for the clinical marketing and he discusses new concepts with chief doctors and his developpers.

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Business portal Bloomberg:
Dr. Martin Hyca serves as a Director of Marketing at cerboMed GmbH. Dr. Hyca, after his position as a physician at the German Heart Center in Munich Martin worked in a health care consultancy (HWP Planungsgesellschaft, Stuttgart) and has now more than 6 years experience in the medical device industry. Prior to his current job Martin faced different positions as marketing and product manager at TomTec Imaging Systems, the market leader in 3D ultrasound imaging. As program manager he took over responsibilities in planning and leading innovation projects in the field of medical software development. Furthermore he set up a new product division (MR-imaging) and designed and implemented a new marketing oriented evaluation method for ideas and projects. Dr. Hyca holds degrees in Business Administration (MBA, focus: marketing & sales) and Medical Engineering (MSc) and received his MD and PhD in Medicine from the Ruhr University Bochum.

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