Martin Gremse

Martin Gremse is ArtDoc, PhotoDoc, ProducerDoc

NoRulesApplied – Die Kunst von Martin Gremse from christopherzee on Vimeo.

In this film he is the interviewer and producer.

1997- 2003 Studies in screen printing and photography

2000 – 2004 Scholarship of foundation Ökumenisch Lernen

1999 – 2014travels and projects in Brasil Italy, Australiy, Tanzania, Marocco, South Afrika, Indonesia, China, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Costa Rica, Panama, Belarus, Israel, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden and Germany

2007-2014 Studies of medicine, medical degree 2014

2013 Abu Dhabi Residency

2013 prize of Rotary Club Nordharz


1997- 2004several exhibitions with Hajo Schulpius in the Harz region

2006 Exhibition Jimi Hendrix Projekt 1971 Sandviken Schweden0

sinc 2008 permanent exhibition Yaari Toya Gallery Bali

since 2013 permanent exhibition Berlin Brunnenstrasse 24

sinc 2013 represented by Etihad Gallery Abu Dhabi in Abu Dhabi






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