Martin F. Siebert

Martin F. Siebert is AdvocateDoc and BusinessDoc

Martin Siebert (* 1960) is a German medical doctor, advocate and manager who is in the board of the Rhön-Klinikum AG since 2013.

Martin Siebert (* 1960) ist ein deutscher Arzt, Rechtsanwalt und Manager, der seit 1. Januar 2013 Vorstandsvorsitzender der Rhön-Klinikum AG ist.

obs/MEDIAN Kliniken GmbH & Co. KG

After his double studies medicine and law in Berlin he became director of an Asklepios hospital and later became chairman of the board. Then he changed to the MEDIAN hospital group from 2010-2012 and then became board member of the RÖHN-Klinikum by October 2012.

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