Ludger Stratmann

Ludger Stratmann is TheatreDoc, TVDoc, JokeDoc


Until 2002 he ran a GP-office then totally switched over to theatre and TV, having his own theatre in Essen/Germany and having his own TV-series for the WDR “Stratmanns”

Dr. Ludger Stratmann, a General Practitioner in Essen/Germany has founded an own theatre and directs his own shows!

Right in the center of Essen the “Europa-Haus” with his theatre is situated.

…one of his “figures” Hausmeister Jupp
Stratmann’s theatre in Essen with 300 seats has become an institution

He makes a comedy-style show,
has been in TV for many times
and is performing in other theatre all over Germany.

You should visit it when you pass by in Essen!

Even if it is in German it will be worthwhile…….

one of his hobies: Tennis

TV show at WDR



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