Kurt Reuber

Kurt Reuber was PriestDoc and ArtDoc


Kurt Reuber (* 26. Mai 1906 in Kassel; † 20. Januar 1944 in Detention Camp Jelabuga) was a German doctor, evangelical priest and painter who became famous because of his Stalingradmadonna.

self portrait of Reuber


After he met Albert Schweitzer and his  friendship with him impressed Reuber for the rest of his life. He always painted.

After hisAbitur he studied theology and worked as Vikar in Loshausen (Schwalm) and Marburg.

Here he got in contact with the painters colony Willingshäuser Malerkolonie and produced his first oil paintings.


Becoming priest in Wichmannshausen he began DEgmedicine at the Universität Göttingen. Later he was called as military doctor and participated in the battle of Stalingrad where he operated 12 hours per day. In 1943 he became prisoner in a retention camp where he died.



In this camp when Stalingrad was encircled Reuber painted the madonna on the back side of a map. This painting became famous and is now exhibited in the Berlin Gedächtniskirche.


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