Klaus Thomas

Klaus Thomas was SpiritualDoc, WriterDoc and more


Klaus Thomas (* 31. Januar 1915 in Berlin; † 10. Juli 1992 in Malsburg-Marzell) was a German evangelic priest, medical doctor and psycho-therapist.


Klaus Thomas studied Evangelical Theology, Philosophy, Neuphilology, Psychology, Psychotherapy and Medicine.   1964 he got the  Doctor of Divinity (DD) award in the USA for special theological merits.

Klaus Thomas was the most prominent student of Johannes Heinrich Schultz[8] who developped the Autogenes Training from Yoga and was CEO of the I. H. Schultz-Institut für Psychotherapie, Autogenes Training und Hypnose in Berlin which does not exist any more.


Since he was very specialised in suicide research  he founded the Lukas Community in 1956  which became the first TELEFONSEELSORGE (telephone “hotline” for people with problems) in Berlin what makes him the founder of Telefonseelsorge in Germany in general.

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