Klaus Steinbach

Klaus Steinbach is OlympicDoc and holder of records and medals

Klaus Steinbach (born 14 December 1953[1] in Kleve, North Rhine-Westphalia) is a former World Record holding and Olympic freestyle swimmer from Germany. He swam for Germany at the 1972 and 1976 Olympics (see film with 4×200 m he participated and made 4th position)

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At the ’72 Games, he was a member of West Germany’s silver medal winning 4×200 m freestyle relay. At the ’76 Games, he was part of West Germany’s bronze medal winning 4×100 m medley relay. He also has a one individual bronze medal and six relay medals from the World Aquatics Championships between 1973 and 1978.

Steinbach was the first man under 50 seconds on 100 m freestyle in a short course meters pool.

He also served as Germany’s Chef de Mission for the 2004 and 2006 Olympics.[1]

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He writes for www.DoctorsTalents.com :

Swimming has show events less than other sport disciplines. Otherwise I would make my swimming rounds more often for sure.
But seriously: Of course I do make sport, I do jogging three to five times a week or go riding mountainbike. After a career in top
sport this is a necessity as everybody knows. It is a good compensation for stress in the profession as a medical doctor and thus
gives good support to it.
Apart from that it means living a good example for the patients.

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Personal facts Dr. Klaus Steinbach
born 14 December in Kleve, married 2 children
Professional career Studied at the University of the Saarland
Promotion with Prof. Dr. Wilfried Kindermann
Specialization in Orthopedia, Specialist for physical and rehabilitation medicine
1989 – 1991 chief doctor of the Hohenurach Clinics in Bad Urach
since 1992 chief doctor and medical director in Weiskirchen/Saar
25 times: German champion
1972 olympic silver
1975 world champion
1976 olympic bronce
1974-1977 five times: Europe champion
1975-1978 four times World Vice champion
other activities
since 1981 personal member of the NOK (National Olympic Comitee)
since 1989 member of “Gutachterausschuss of DSH”
1996 team doctor NOK Olympic Games Atlanta
since 1997 member of the board of the NOK
1997 founder and president of DOG Saarland
2000 chief of mission of the german team for Olympic Games Sydney
since 3 November 2002 president of the National Olympic Comitee for Germany

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