Katja Keßler

Katja Keßler is WriterDoc and JournalistDoc


She is Dentist and wrote a Bestseller book about the life of Dieter Bohlen (well-known pop-star).

She  had been working in the redaction of the BILD-Zeitung Hamburg where her specialty was to write the short texts for the photos of the nude-pic of Young Girls.

cover of Katja´s bestseller-book

This cover of the new book of Dieter Bohlen says:
“Nichts als die Wahrheit” (Nothing But Truth)

Many of you will know Dieter Bohlen and Thomas Anders from  the pop-band “Modern Talking”

the start printing of 100.000 pieces was sold the same day
and now over 500.000 pieces are sold.

Meanwhile she has published more than 8 books.

Her other comments on pictures of naked models on the first page of the BILD Zeitung
are well-known: Surprising these comments come from the only lady in the BILD redaction team!

interview in dental Magazine (DE):

interview yacool-Beauty


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