Karl Heinz Kienle

Karl Heinz Kienle is CyclingDoc, CollectorDoc, DivingDoc, JazzDoc, JogDoc, PhotoDoc, WriterDoc


Health includes a constant alternation of physical, mental and social activities and relaxation!

Convinced by this sentence You need more than one hobby! So it´s no wonder, that I practice some more, each at it´s time:
Biking and Sauna for the body,
Dixieband, website, reading and collecting for the mind,
Social responsibility and being “One-of-the-Crowd”.

Sounds like a philosophical statement and there is something true of it, even when there are some activities, which are a mixture of the six! My other phrase about hobbies is “A man without hobby is like a steam-pot without a valve”.
A friend of mine formulates much simpler: “You can´t keep your backside calm!” But he is not able to realize the periods of relaxation – and he also can not understand my statement, that being lazy is the perfect fun when there is so much to do…


  • Born 1950 in Lorch at the Rhine exactly in the middle between Rüdesheim and the Loreley.
  • Medical studies in Kiel and Würzburg, clinical education in Würzburg und Koblenz/Germany.
  • Spezialist in Internal Medicine, Sport-Medicine, Emergency-Medicine and Mass Casualities.
  • Own doctor´s practice since 1982
  • Married with a colleague since 1974, 4 (now grown-up) kids

“Hobbies” with links to the (german) website:

Trombone as part of the Stonehead Stompers Dixie-Band


Diving as active diver, teacher and functionary of the German Diving Association


Kienle explains the archimedes principle: the boost of a body is related to the amount of water it represses…..

Photography and more


Writer of books about Diving and lecturer as well


Collecting ambulance models and heart pace-makers



He cycled all around Germany (and some neighbour countries) with his wife on a tandem:






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