Karl-Heinz Bomberg

Karl-Heinz Bomberg is “LiedermacherDoc” (SingingDoc)


At times of the GDR he sang in churches at least 50 times a year and his protest songs were essential for him to survive in the communist regime of that time.

Playing a song with Wolfgang Ellenberger at the piano

So far he has given more than 1500 recitals in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, England, France, USA, Mali, Senegal and Hungary.

He was thrown into the Stasi-Prison because of his critical texts. This was discovered when a recording of him was accidently given to an “IM” (spy of the Stasi).

Five years later the Berlin wall fell – and Bomberg slightly sang different kinds of songs, more poetical kind. Although there are occasions to sing the “old” protest songs on congresses or events where this musical period is estimated.

He published several CDs


He also writes books as this new one about the psychological wounds from the GDR regime:

Verborgene Wunden

He performed and read from this book on www.Heuboden.events

Web: http://www.kh-bomberg.de



read original article in “Deutsches Ärzteblatt”: http://www.aerzteblatt.de/v4/archiv/artikel.asp?src=suche&id=55694

and see movies from him at http://www.youtube.com/khbomberg

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