Jure Puc

Jure Puc is HarpDoc


Jure Puc is one of the many MusicDocs who had the option to study music but decided for medicine.

Playing the Arabesque from Debussy on his harp in the sensational med student recital Ljubliana

I started playing harp 16years ago and kept playing it up till now and will still continue. 3 years ago (said in 2016), when i had to decide to which college i would go, i decided for medicine, but also had academy for music in my mind. Playing hard is really relaxing and beautiful, which i can use for both, during exams to go away from the books a bit and also to make concerts and make people happy. During this time, i finished elementary school and gymnasium for music and also got quite many prizes from international competitions as well as praises from worlds well known harpists. Harp will always be my passion besides helping people in medicine.


live performance Waltz of the flowers by Tchajkovsky (cannot be seen in this video)

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