Joe Bausch (Josef Bausch-Hölterhoff)

Josef Bausch-Hölterhoff is TVDoc and ActorDoc

Joe Bausch (* 19. April 1953 in Ellar), civil name Hermann Joseph Bausch-Hölterhoff, is a German doctor, author and actor.


Live and education

Born in Ellar he studied in Cologne and Marburg theatre sciences, politics, Germanistics, Law.

He joined a theatr group Theaterpathologisches Institut (TPI) in the eighties which was very successful.

Since 1986 he is working in jail: Justizvollzugsanstalt Werl and he wrote a book about this special department of life.

TV  career

From 1977 he played a doctor in the criminal series Tatort.

Also in many films cinema or TV: „Der Fahnder“, „Auf Achse“, „Baltic Storm“, „Tattoo“, „Menu total“, ARD-Daily-Soap Verbotene Liebe , WDR-Serie Kriminalzeit. From 5. October 2009 thru 2. September 2011 he participated regularly in Die Ärzte – der Medizintalk in ZDF.


He is co-founder of Tatort – Straßen der Welt e.V., and is engaged for street children in the Philippines who are raped and assaulted.





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