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Jonathan Mann was CharityDoc

Jonathan Max Mann (July 30, 1947 – September 2, 1998) was an American physician who was an administrator for the World Health Organization, and spearheaded much early AIDS research in the 1980s. He was co-founder of the charity organisation DoctorsOfTheWorld.

In 1990, Mann founded the health and human rights organization HealthRight International (initially known as Doctors of the World-USA), because he felt there was a void amongst the health and human rights organizations in the United States and he wanted to create a unique organization whose mission was to create sustainable programs that promote and protect health and human rights in the United States and abroad.[5]

in 1994, Mann directed the launch of the journal [1]Health and Human Rights (journal), published by the François Xavier Bagnoud Center for Health and Human Rights, which he also helped to establish.[2]

Mann died in the 1998 crash of Swissair Flight 111 along with his second wife, AIDS researcher Mary Lou Clements-Mann.[4] At the time of his death, Mann was the dean of the Allegheny University School of Public Health (now Drexel University School of Public Health) in Philadelphia.

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