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Johannes Zeilinger (* 1948 in Wolfratshausen) is a German specialist in sports medicine and president of the Karl-May-Society since 13. Oct. 2007, which is the stronges German literary association. As author he published about  Karl May (1842–1912), whose books still have the strongest presence on the German market.

Zeilinger has a growing collection of things around Karl May.

Exhibition catalogue in German Historical Museum:
Today Karl May (1842-1912) has seen the most editions of all German-language authors – and is at the same time a writer whose cultural impact far outweighs the purely literary value of his works. The popular image of the North American West and the Ottoman orient bear the stamp of May’s decisive characterizations. His travel narratives led generations of readers to distant and exotic locales without the author having any personal experience of the theaters of his narratives.


Title:  Autor in fabula
subtitle:  Karl Mays Psychopathologie and the meaning of medicine in his oriental cycle
Author:  Johannes Zeilinger
content:  Karl May’s life and work: a unity woven between reality and phantasy, difficult to understand. The author is renewing the psychopathology of May after actual diagnosis criteria. A fascinating approach which enlarges understanding of Karl May’s character and is interpreting the psychopathology as the essential factor FOR his creativity.
Examples in this book are episodes of “Kara Ben Nemsi” in the oriental area where the hero represents the dualism of Karl May’s psyche, the polarity between his mythomania and depression.
publisher:  Hansa Verlag
formate:  12,5 x 19,5 cm
outfit Broschur
pages 184
number 60130
Price:  € 12,00

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