Jörg Hänsel

Jörg Hänsel is VirtualFlyingDoc

Jörg Hänsel (left)

The dentist from Dresden/Germany is one of the enthusiastic users of flight simulation programs in the virtual world.
They have a network of pilots and controllers and are performing flights with heavy machines live in the internet.

He was born on 24 August 1953 in Dresden, after his “Abitur”  (maturity) 1972 he became a dentist from 1975 to 1980.
After a time as an assistant at the Dresden academy for prothetic stomatology he was also teaching students and worked scientifically.
In 1986 he made his dissertation as Dr. med. and opened his own office in 1992.

After the unification of Germany east and west he began to work with computers (which was impossible before!) and even created his homepage by himself (being modest and telling he is “no specialist”). He is keeping it interesting presenting more than only his office……
….though he has not yet updated it with reports about his flight controller activities, bit this is planned.

In the German magazine FOCUS there is a report about this group (in German): http://focus.msn.de/F/2003/32/Internet/flugsimulator/flugsimulator.htm?streamsnr=8

He is running a big flight simulator with a partner and everybody can book flights there….:

web flight-simulations


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