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Joachim Koch is CropCircleDoc and WriterDoc

Joachim Koch (right) and Hans-Jürgen Kyborg (left) 1997 inside a remote field near Pewsey, Wiltshire. Here both found another enigmatic energy pattern resembling a star map which was not placed there by humans.

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Above them (top image) you can see the star HD42807 (in the constellation of Orion), which is the one inside the centre of a mighty constellation of stars known as “The Winter Circle”. Both identified this star with the help of the genuine crop formations of Preshute Down and Barbury Castle 1991. (Composition of a Hubble Space Telescope picture with a private one).

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If you would like to know more about the mystic and fascinating landscape of Wiltshire and the long-standig research of the both with their partly spectacular and amazing results, please click on the pics or visit the web site. You will enter into the so far unique chronology of events in, in front and behind the sceneries of the worldwide known crop circle phenomenon.


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