Joachim Gardemann

Joachim Gardemann is AstronomyDoc and ArtDoc

Joachim Gardemann, born 1955, is a medical doctor (1983), consultant in paediatrics (1989) and public health medicine (1993) and holds a master´s degree in public health (1994).

Joachim Gardemann is a passionate hobby astronomer and a watercolour illustrator in his international Red Cross missions.

Ein weiterer Song aus dem Musical “Haboub – Der Sandsturm”
FH Münster:
Musik: Prof. Dr. Hans Hermann Wickel
Text: Prof. Dr. Joachim Gardemann

Another song from the Musical “Haboub – The Sandstorm”
FH Münster:
music Prof. Dr. Hans Hermann Wickel
lyrics: Prof. Dr. Joachim Gardemann

His Red Cross working experience as health delegate, health coordinator, paediatrician and senior medical officer with IFRC or ICRC is covering emergency missions in Tanzania (1995 and 1998), Macedonia (1999), Iran (2003), Sudan (2004), Sri Lanka (2005), the Peoples Republic of China (2008) and Haiti (2010), additionally he has teaching and research experiences in Serbia (2002), Macedonia (2003), Mongolia (2002) and Ethiopia (2007).


He reports about an extraordinary moment, when Ebola workers spontaneously danced to bring light into the situation:


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