Jean-Christian Michel

Jean-Christian Michel is ClarinetDoc, ComposerDoc and ClimbingDoc

Jean-Christian Michel is a composer and clarinetist. His compositions are influenced by jazz and by the Baroque music particularly that of Johann Sebastian Bach.

His first record Requiem was released in 1967. He founded the ensemble Quatuor avec Orgue. Michel has received 3 diamond discs, 7 platinum discs and 10 golden discs. With more than five million discs sold, (3 discs classified 1, 2 & 3 in the charts of CIDD-France soir in the seventies) and with thousands of concerts to his credit, he today pursues a global career. Michel is a “Full Member” of the SACEM (association of composers and music publishers to protect copyright and royalties). He received the prize for “Sciences and Culture” at the Sorbonne, Paris, France, awarded by a jury of six Nobel Prize winners. Jean-Christian Michel is currently the godfather of the campaign Neurodon, within the Federation for Brain Research [1] FRC

Drummer Kenny Clarke played and recorded with Michel for 10 years.

Michel is also a climber. He was to climb Tawesche, in the Himalayas.

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