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Isabella Vértes-Schütter was born on April 22, 1962 in Hamburg/Germany as daughter of “Kammersängering” Helga Pilarczyk and the export manager Dr. István Vértes.
In the beginning she wanted to become medical doctor and passed the medical degree 1987 with “Promotion and Approbation”.
Already during her medical studies she began studying to be actress at Prof. Anne Marks-Rocke. Just besides she studied classical singing with Helga Pilarczyk and Prof. Hans Kagel and studied chanson and musical with Prof. Ursula Gompf.

In 1988 Isabella Vértes-Schütter passe dher acting exam in front of the “Paritätische Kommission” and began workin as actress at the “fesival of women” in the “Kampnagel Fabrik” Hamburg.
In 1990 she married Freidrich Schütter and their son Daniel was born. Since 1991 she plays at the Ernst Deutsch Theater regularly and in 1994 she directed the festical “Hammoniale – Festival of Women”.


Since her husband Friedrich Schütter died in 1995 she is superintendant of the Ernst Deutsch Theater.
More than her professional engagement she fulfills different beneficial tasks, like in the cultural forum Hamburg, in the Bürgerstiftung foundation, in the curatory or the Bertini-prize and she is chairwoman of the childrens hospiz “Sternenbrücke”.
In 1998 her son Mischa Emanuel was born.

now she is active in the senate of Hamburg


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Visit the homepage of the theatre:  in Hamburg / Germany


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