I medici of McGill University


  • The mission of I Medici is to explore and celebrate many links between music and medicine by performing symphonic works for the community, the University and the Faculty and thus add a unique social dimension to medical education and to the profession.


  • In addition to regular public concerts, the ensemble and the chamber groups formed by its members play at convocations, scientific conferences, fund-raising campaigns, as well as provide entertainment for patients in the Montreal area hospitals.
  • I Medici di McGill (“Physicians of McGill”) Orchestra was founded in 1989. Its primary roots are musical talents found amongst the staff and students of the Faculty of Medicine at McGill University in Montréal and their medical and musical colleagues and friends in the Montréal area.
  • Orchestra’s membership in its 27th season 2015/2016 consists of more than 65 players but over the years more than 400 instrumentalists have been associated with the ensemble.
  • Since 2014 the ensemble is under the musical leadership of Gilles Auger who succeeded Iwan Edwards (2000-2014) and the founding conductor is Wanda Kaluzny (1989-2000).



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