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HAMBURG, 19.01.2014 Hamburger €rzteorchester spielen in der Musikhochschule Rauszieher Geschichte
HAMBURG, 19.01.2014
Hamburger €rzteorchester spielen in der Musikhochschule
Rauszieher Geschichte

The Hamburg Doctors Orchestra was founded in 1964 by the church musician Willi Linow, inviting medical doctors, dentists, pharmacists and medical students as well as medical staff an their partners.

After the second conductor, Prof. Weiss, deceased, the church musician (and wife of the famous hand surgeon) Anne Stellbrink took over the orchestra where she had played at the viola for many years before.
Under Anne Stellbrink the orchestra developped its actual “image”. She worked a vast repertoire spanning from small compositions and soloists up to symphonies by Mozart, Beethoven, Schuber, Mendelssohn-Bartholdy and Brahms…..

Besides numerous recitals in and around Hamburg the orchestra liked to travel aborad to play in European countries as well as overseas in the United States, Namibia, China and Burma. These trips were very successful and unforgettable.

After Anne Stellbrink had to give up her conducting because of illness in summer 2003 a new conductor Thilo Jaques could be engaged from January 2004 on -also he has accompanied the orchestra as French Horn player on the Indonesia tournee.

The 40th anniversary was celebrated on a cruise ship on the river Elbe in August 2004. The orchestra likes to play on beneficial events, as musical act for medical congresses, for doctorate celebrations, in senior homes – just apart from the traditional half-yearly recitals in the University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf UKE.


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