Frido Mann

Frido Mann is ConductorDoc, TheologyDoc, PsychologyDoc, WriterDoc and “RollerCoasterDoc”


He owns a czech, then US-american and at last a swiss passport, he gets a conductors and piano diploma, becomes a theologist and psychologist – and reaches the pre-clinical exam in medicine. Therefore the title of his book is “Roller Coaster” – it is written in present time and thus involves the reader in this interesting life.

His father was  a well-known musician (viola), his mother from a factory owner´s family and his grandfather Thomas Mann german Nobel Prize winner for literature. Frido Mann, favourite grandson of Thomas Mann gives a rare impression of one of Germany´s best-known families.

His multi-media project FLOOD was presented in the European Cultural Metropole Vilnius in 2009:

part 2     

part 3

Born in 1940 as child of emigrants in California he finds warmth in Thomas Mann´s family – but suffers from the fact that his “fictional alter ego” dies in Mann´s roman “Dr. Faustus” – he feels “killed” and overcomes this feeling only in later years.

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