Frank Rawer

Frank Rawer is ArtDoc, PhotoDoc and more

„… he has, as a self educated artist, not only attained a surprising detail and perfection in his craftsmanship but has also developed an unmistakable individual style with his inventiveness and personal statement. Frank Rawer works with the widest range of materials: wood and plaster, marble from Carrara and feathers, gold and sheet metal, rare timbers and discoveries from nature, canvas and paper. His works are not merely a montage of selected pieces but rather involve the inherent quality of each individual piece.

Frank Rawer’s works are original and full of phantasy, make illusions, setting chains of ideas in motion. Sometimes, they are bright and amusing, ironic and playful, sometimes serious and critical, ambiguous and cryptic. A picture or a sculpture is similar to a loved person: in the first minute of the encounter it needs „that certain something“, a direct fascination which is hardly possible to describe with words, which leads one to open heart and soul. Every now and then, the first meeting is followed by a certain tediousness, because the „object of desire“ is only appealing on the surface and does not hide any secrets.

The works of Frank Rawer are sometimes not easy to „conquer“: on the other hand even after a long time together one discovers so much new and many intellectual associations appear, so that the fascination

Exhibitions and participation in exhibitions:

Stadt/Städtische Galerie Villingen-Schwenningen („Künstler des Schwarzwald-Baar-Kreises“) 1984, 1986, 1989 und 1992 (juriert)
Galerie an der Bergstraße (Weinheim), 1990
Sternen Galerie, Wolfhalden / Schweiz, 1993
Schwanen-Galerie, Wil / Schweiz, 1995
Shoes or no shoes, Antwerpen / Belgien, 1995
Galerie Sonne, Bad Dürrheim, 1996 u. ff.
Städtische Bibliothek Schwenningen, 1997
Galerie Hochmauren, Rottweil, 1997
Galerie im Hause Till/CRT, Schwenningen, 1997
Volksbank Hüfingen, 1997
Volksbank Bräunlingen, 1997
„Freiheit“, Narrenschopfmuseum, Bad Dürrheim, 1997
artothek ‚98, Galerie artefakt, Tuttlingen, 1998
Kunstverein Trossingen, 1998 u.ff.
„Hören & sehen gehen“, Bad Dürrheim, 1998
Stadtbibliothek Schwenningen, 1999
„20x20x5=2000“, Galerie artefakt, Tuttlingen,  2000
Internationale Musikmesse, Frankfurt/Main , 2000
Galerie GoldTurm, Altenrhein / Schweiz , 2001
„Shoes or no shoes“, Gent / Belgien, 2001
Park Hotels Waldhaus, Flims / Schweiz, 2001
Schleyer-Halle, Stuttgart, 2001
Till – Der Objekteinrichter, Stuttgart, 2002
Münchner Beteiligungen Verw. AG, München, 2003
„Kur und Kunst“, Bad Dürrheim, 2003
Kompetenzzentrum Hoyer Consult, Villingen, 2003
Till – Der Objekteinrichter, Stuttgart, 2004
Imobiliart, Villingen, 2004
Netshaus, Stuttgart, 2005
Till – Der Objekteinrichter, Schwenningen, 2005




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