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Before table tennis, I used to be an amateur middle distance runner. Fabio Colombo (1.67 m. x 61 kg).


I have been playing table tennis since 1981; my best results have been:

  • 3rd place in singles at 1988 World Medical Games (Lyon)
  • 4th place in singles at 1990 World Medical Games (Perpignan)
  • 2nd place in doubles at 1988 World Medical Games (Lyon)
  • 3rd place in doubles at 1984 (Abano Terme), 1986 (Montecatini Terme) and 1990 World Medical Games
  • 12th place in singles at 1998 Italian Veteran Championship (Savigliano)

I collect books about the history of this sport; I owe 87 items and in 1999 I wrote in Italian, together with G. Malisani, “Una racchetta rossa dietro la vetrina (A red bat in the shop window)”.


I am an amateur chess player (ELO ICCF 2131; ELO ASIGC 2112 at 20th June 2004 – best ELO ever = 2147 ICCF, 2143 ASIGC); however, I am a Correspondence Candidate Master (I was second in an European tournament- EU/EM/H/005 – in 2003 and third in the 1st Italian National Championship 2001/2003) and sometimes play nice games, like the following:

Colombo (ITA, not ranked)- Fedeli (ITA, not ranked), Cocquio, 1991, Larsen – Nimzowitsch op.

1.b3, e5 2.Bb2, f6 3.d4, Bb4+ 4.Nd2, exd4 5.Bxd4, Nc6 6.Bb2, d6 7.e3, Bd7 8.Ngf3, Qe7 9.c4, 000 10.Be2, Kb8 11.00, a6 12.Qc2, Nh6 13.Rfd1, g6 14.Ne4, Bf5 15.Bd3, Rhf8 16.Nc3, Bxd3 17.Rxd3, Bxc3 18.Bxc3, Ne5 19.Nxe5, fxe5 20.Be1, Nf5 21.a4, Nh4 22.e4, g5 23.Qe2, Ng6 24.g3, Qg7 25.b4, Ne7 26.b5, c5 27.bxa6, bxa6 28.Rb1+, Ka7 29.Qb2, Rb8 30.Rb3, Nc6 31.Ba5, Nb4 32.Bxb4, cxb4 33.Rxb4, Rxb4 34.Qxb4, Qc7 35.Rd1, Qc5 36.Qxc5, dxc5 37.Rd7+, Kb8 38.Rxh7, Rf3 39.Re7, Rc3 40.Rxe5, Rxc4 41.Rxg5, Rc1+ 42.Kg2, c4 43.e5, c3 44.e6, c2 45.Rc5, Re1 46.Rxc2, Rxe6 47.Rc4, Kb7 48.h3, Kb6 49.g4, Ka5 50.Kg3, Rb6 51.f3 1:0

Besides Italian I speak English (In 1973 I got the British Diploma of British School Group and in 1991 the Certificate in Advanced English of the University of Cambridge) and a little French and German.
I have visited several countries: Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Lichtenstein, Netherlands, Portugal, Principate of Monaco, Scotland, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Bahamas, Brasil, Mexico, United States (California, Florida), Cabo Verde, Egypt, Morocco, South Africa, Tanzania, Tunisia, Philippines, Thailand.

I like mini auto models and collected several items, mostly 1/43 rd scale cars, with particular interest in Vanwall F.1 cars. Here’s the




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