Erik Brandenburg

Erik Brandenburg is not only RallyeDoc but also FalconerDoc!

This fighting eagle is my co-pilote when I go for chase, the co-pilot seat is taken out and he is sitting in a big wooden box
filling half of the 911 …..tough, what?? kind regards

Zeitung DIE WELT

Erik Brandenburg mit Porsche 911 Safari vor der Basiliuskathedrale
Stefan Preuß und Dr. Erik Brandenburg (from left)

Transsyberia Rallye 2007: From Moskau to Ulaanbaatar

During the Transsyberia Rallye 2007 came out a little sensation: The Porsche 911 Safari of Dr. Erik Brandenburg and Stefan Preuß had been climbing up to the second place and had left 20 Porsche Cayenne behind….

This video shows Dr. Brandenburg how he crossed a river with the “911 Safari Floating Technique” (click on left picture to open a new video window):




this pic is “Megasprung Lausitz-Rallye”!

another pic from the trans-sibirian Rallye…


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