Ayman Mohammed Rabie al-Zawahiri

Ayman Mohammed Rabie al-Zawahiri is HorrorDoc

Ayman Mohammed Rabie al-Zawahiri[4] (Arabic: أيمن محمد ربيع الظواهري‎‎  ʾAyman Muḥammad Rabīʿ aẓ-Ẓawāhirī, born June 19, 1951)[5] is the current leader of al-Qaeda and a current[6] or former member and senior official of Islamist organizations which have orchestrated and carried out attacks in North America, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. In 2012, he called on Muslims to kidnap Western tourists in Muslim countries.

Since the September 11 attacks, U.S. State Department has offered a US$25 million reward for information or intelligence leading to al-Zawahiri’s capture.[8] He is under worldwide sanctions by the Al-Qaida Sanctions Committee as a member of al-Qaeda.

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