Detlef Strathmann

Detlef Strathmann was BusinessDoc and JournalistDoc


Detlef Strathmann (1941-2001) the former owner of the Pharma-company Strathmann AG in Hamburg has started as a journalist, commenting in health columns of several magazines under different pseudonyms and thus selling lots of free drugs for beauty etc. He has been the inventor of the German word “Orangenhaut” (Cellulite) and using this in the magazines sold lots of ointment….

Later Strathmann also were coaching other companies and was owner of several companies all over Germany.

In 2001 his son Götz Strathmann, also medical doctor, took over the company at age 30 and led it for 3 years. Then he went in different business.


WELT 2001

WELT 2001 about Götz Strathmann

WELT 2003 about Götz Strathmann leaving the company

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