Desmond Long

Desmond Long is -so far- the only CalypsoDoc (and ex-PoliticDoc) and more

…in this video he is being presented for his entry in politics and shown on stage (without sound though!).  Sound here!

Unbeated is the seven times calypso monarch, the Mighty Pep, real name Desmond Long, a medical doctor by profession and former parliamentarian. Pep has had an illustrious journey in the calypso arena starting by first winning the crown in 1987 with ‘Unborn Child’ and ‘Learn from Them’. Since then his rise has been meteoric winning the crown the year after and in 1992, 1994, 1995, 2002 and 2009. Small in stature, Pep has the talent and usually the songs to capture audiences and judges.


The Mighty Pep-
music has been his life ever since

From the tender age of 8, Pep was a member of the Anglican Primary School Choir of St. Lucia. When he moved to the island’s celebrated St. Mary’s College, he continued singing in the choir and entered the school’s first Calypso competition in 1978, emerging victorious. The following year he was placed as first runner up. He then moved on to the A Level college when in 1980 he won the first ever Calypso competition held at the institution.


2 years later he quickly became involved in further musical activities when he moved to Cave Hill Campus, Barbados. He completed the Hat Trick of victories winning the Campus Calypso Monarch titles in 1983, 1984 and 1985. His return to St. Lucia was greeted with a barrage of requests to enter the local Calypso competition. In 1986 he rose to the occasion and was a crowd favourite when he was placed first runner up.


In 1987 Pep teamed up with ROWAN SEON to produce the ever popular “Unborn Child” with which he captured the National Calypso Monarch title. This was the beginning of a success story which saw him taking 5 Monarch titles, placing first runner up no less than 4 times, and placing 2nd on three occasions.


He went on to pursue an M.B.B.S course in general medicine in 1992, ending a career of teaching which spanned 8 years. Currently he is practising medicine in St. Lucia’s main hospital. Recently he opened his own office as general practitioner in Castries/St. Lucia.

Over the years, Pep, a brilliant songwriter as well as Calypsonian, has penned many songs with KAWAKTE both for MALCOLM MAGARON and for his solo album produced by Pitton Music Productions.


His medical skills was reflected in his song  “Escape to Death” a song about the mishaps of the world and a patient who would rather die than return to his life, and last night he added a new verse which saw the patient’s death.

In his other song, “The Last Days”, Pep told the story in  song which touch on the signs of the times.

The Mighty Pep ( or Dr. Pep ) has won the Calypso Monarch five times before and last night he took it for the 6th time.  He had won in ’87, ’88, ’92, ’94 and ’95.

In Second place was Educator; third place was Black Pearl and in fourth place was Lady Leen.


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