Thierry Benderitter

Thierry Benderitter ist ÄgyptologieDoc

Seit mehr als 30 Jahren interessiere ich mich für Ägyptologie, ich bin häufig dorthin gereist und habe eine große Fotosammlung aufbauen können und dort Freunde finden. Trotz meines full-timt-jobs habe ich Hyroglyphen am Cheops-Institut Paris studiert nebst anderen Themen.

Mein Hauptinteresse liegt in den religiösen Dingen und Beerdigungstechniken dieser brillanten Zivilisation, was mich logischerweise zum Studium der Gräber und Mastabas geführt hat. Kurioserweise interessieren mich die Pyramiden nicht.

Weitere Informationen auf englisch:
I participated in the creation of the multimedia encyclopaedia on CD-ROM „Egypt of the Pharaohs“ edited by Professor Michel Guay, University of Quebec at Montreal (now sold out).
I have written various articles in journals such as Historia (France), Ancient Egypt Magazine (GB), Kemet (Germany).
I was part of the Polish mission to Saqqara in 2007, and the resulting publication of a scientific report.
I also discovered the world’s oldest traces of poliomyelitis in a tomb, which was published in the German journal Göttinger Miszellen GM 225,201.
I am a member of the French Society of Egyptology.
I had the privilege to being admitted to the International Association of Egyptologists (IAE) as an associate member.

Since 2011 I have been in charge of the internet section covering Egyptology in the French journal „Égypte, Afrique & Orient“.

In 2001 I decided to create this site,, I will not repeat the reasosns that motivated me then as they are presented on the Osirisnet project page.
I was very fortunate to be joined in 2004 by Jon Hirst who was willing to support the English version of the site and who also produced, among other things, all the splendid 3D Virtual Tours. Without Jon, Osirisnet would not be what it is today. Alas, owing to health problems, he had to stop helping in 2014.

I work tirelessly to develop this site, which is now noted as a resource for students of Egyptology, history and art history in various countries, and visited by both amateurs and professionals in the field. Over the years I have been able to develop relationships with several Egyptologists who are willing to help me to a greater or lesser extent in the task we have undertaken. It will be finished when the last tomb of Egypt, for which we have a decent photographic record, is posted on-line.



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