Karl-Wilhelm Fritz

Fritz ist GeigenDoc, TaucherDoc, SammlerDoc, PolitikDoc, BenefizDoc


Er spielte im 0EDO – European Doctors Orchestra und sammelt Violinen und mehr.

the right instrument comes from "böhmisch-vogtländic" area built ca.1920, builder unknown, the left violin has been built 1860 in Paris by Gavines.
the right instrument comes from „böhmisch-vogtländic“ area built ca.1920, builder unknown,
the left violin has been built 1860 in Paris by Gavines.

Dear colleague Ellenberger,

here you find my resume where music is a part of it. Since you are pianist you know how to judge it….
You will like my Bechstein concert grand from 1869 with Palisander (210 cm) and a Steinmann piano.
My viola and 8 master violins is a nice collection (three of them are in loan by prize winners. One was lent with an expertise of D. Oistrach).

With several young musicians I have produced CDs, which are given out by companies like Curasan and Arrows.

With musical greetings


Dear DoctorsTalents.com visitors, have a look at this extraordinary career and see the marked „hobby department“!

Here are some charity activities: Donation Riding club, Letter to Süddeutsche Zeitung, young artists sponsor.

parents Heinrich und Helene Fritz,geb.Bienhaus, farmers
*22.May 1945 in Battenberg/Eder
1951 – 1956 Volksschule Eifa/Hessen
1956 – 1966 Abitur in Frankenberg
military 1966 – 1968
1968 – 1973 Medical studies at JLU-University Giessen (Justus-Liebig-University)
1974-3-1 to 1975-2-28 medical assistant in Kreiskrankenhaus Usingen and 6 months assistant doctor
1975-3-3 Medical Degree in Darmstadt
1976-1-16 Doctorate: „Plasmocytome: Disease and prognosis“ and „Examinations of Dihydroorotaciddehydrogenasis-activity in plasma cells (Prof. Dr. Löffler, Giessen)
1975-10-1 to 1976-9-30 Assistant of anesthesiology at the JLU-Giessen (diredctor Prof.Dr. H.L. Allemand)
1976-10-1 to 1976-12-31 Assistant doctor of surgery in KKH Giessen in Lich (director: Prof.Dr. A. Bikfalvi)
1977-1-1 to 1980-12-31 Specialization as assistant anesthesia at JLU Giessen (Prof.Dr.Dr.h.c. G. Hempelmann)
1979-9-19 Specialist exam in Darmstadt
Functions in the JLU-Giessen:
-department chief in all sections
-Doctor in emergency medicine for German Rescue air force
-last function: director of intensive care unit
-guidance of several doctorate students
-teaching pain therapy (Prof.Dr.Dr.H.F. Herget)
1981-1-1 to 1981-6-30 Anesthesia central unit Memmingen/Unterallgäu
1981-7-1 to 1993-1-31 Medical University Hannover:
-department leader in all operative sections (since 1985-3-31)
-specialist examinator (Director: Prof.Dr. E. Kirchner)
1990-4-18 Habilitation at Medical University Hannover (Dean: Prof.Dr.H.Hundeshagen) for Anesthesia and Intensive Care
Teaching experience at the JLU-Giessen:
-participation at main lectures „Anesthesia“
-special lecture „operative intensive care with practical exercises“
-first aid for students and doctorates
-specialist trainer and examinator for rescue assistants (under Social ministery Hessen/Germany)
Teaching at Medical University Hannover:
-First aid with practical exercises
-teaching nurses
-teaching doctorates
-main lecture anesthesia
Research programs financed by fund raising:
-artificial breathing with Helium-Oxygen-mixtures
-pharmacokinetics of local anesthetics
-humidifying of respiration gases under narcosis
-Development of the closed respiratory system SV 900 B or C (Siemens / Erlangen)
-25,000 own anesthesies (of which 10,000 regional)
-including difficult operations at any age and transplantation operations (heart, lung, liver, pancreas, kidneys, „single and double“)
1980-12-27 Honoured by american army for good services with treatment of injuries of american citizens (General Woodmannssee)
1992-12-9 Honour title „Visiting professor“ by the senate of the romanian university Cluj-Napoca
1994-6-11 Honour membership in romanian society of anesthesia and intensive care
1998-3-20 registered at the „American Biographical Inst.Inc.für den Band Who`s Who Of the Twentieth Century Achievement“
Important guest lecturing invitations: (235 lectures, 124 after habilitation)
1981 Univ.Pittsburgh/USA(Prof.Dr.Safar, Präs.der „ Int.Ges.Emergency and Desaster Medicine“, RRC-Pittsburgh) (He- O2- Beatmung)
1981 Univ.San Diego/USA (Prof.Ty Smith) (He-O2-respiration)
1981 Univ.Los Angeles/USA (Prof.Shoemaker)(He-O2-respiration)
1982 Univ.Khartoum/Sudan (Prof.Fadl) (Tot.Parent.nutrition;TPN)
1983 Univ.Groningen (Prof.Langrehr) (He-O2-respiration)
1984 Univ.Hamburgs (Prof.Schulte am Esch) (He-O2-Beatmung)
1986 Univ.Göttingen (Prof.Kettler) (Beatmung mit Inertgasen)
1986 Univ.Homburg/Saar (Prof.Hutschenreuther)(Anfeuchtung in Narkose)
1987 Univ.Cluj Napoca (Prof.Ionescu) (Polytrauma,Lithotripsie,TX=Transpl.)
1989 Univ.Lübeck (PD Dr.Albrecht) (Blut-Mikro-Filtration)
1990 Univ.Rostocks (Prof.Benad)(TX) Univ.Homburg/Saar(Prof.Larsen)
1991 -Univ.Leipzigs (Prof.Olthoff)(TX)
-Univ.Graz (Prof.List)(TX)
-Med.Akad.Magdeburg (Prof.Röse) (Anfeuchtung in Narkose)
-jährlich Gast-Vorträge in Rumänien
-DGAI (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Anästhesie und Intensivmedizin)
-BDA (Berufsverband Deutscher Anästhesisten)
-Internationale Sertürner Gesellschaft
-ESRA (European Society For Regional Anesthesia)
-DRF (Deutsche Rettungsflugwacht)
-Forum Leit.Notärzte Niedersachsens
-BDO (Bund der Organtransplantierten)
-DGzRS, Lions Club Jever(PR/LZ 96-98)
-Offiziersclub JaboG 38 F,Förderverein
-Tudor e.V. (Vorsitz), jetzt:LC Lüchow
BOOKS Bücher: K. -W.Fritz:
Die künstliche Beatmung mit Helium-
Sauerstoff und Stickstoff-Sauerstoff-
Band 211 “ Anästhesiologie und Inten-
sivmedizin“ Springer Verlag, 1989
240 publications (126 after habilitation)
congress reports 9
panels, chairman seats 43
congress leaderships 1982 Praxisbezogene Betrachtung neuer Beatmungsmethoden
1994 Luftrettung aktuell
1997 Organspende,Organtransplantation eine gesellschaftliche Aufgabe
1999 Organspende -heute und morgen
seit 1994 Mitplanung und Leitung des jährlichen Bremer Intensiv-Symposium
1993-2-1 to 1997-12-31 Chief doctor of Anesthesia department and intensive care in Freisland
-specialization trainer
1993-10-10 certified: Chief intensive care director
1998-1-28 to 1998-11-30 AOK hospital Wiek/Rügen
1999-1-1 to 1999-8-31 Medical doctor at army
1999-9-1 to 2001-22-30 Chief doctor of anesthesy department Ev.Stiftung Alsterdorf/Hamburg
since 1994 member of scientific board of „Wissenschaftlicher Verein zur Förderung der klinisch angewandten Forschung in der Intensivmedizin“,Bremen, treasurer
1996-4-24 nomination apl. professor by senate of Medical University Hannover
four trainings per year with international scientists as
-Prof.Dr.Lachmann,Rotterdam(Fluid Resp.)
-PD.Dr.Möllmann,Münster(Neues aus der PDA)
-Prof.Dr.Bause, Hamburg(Dil. -Tracheot.)
-Prof.Dr.Litarczek,Bukarest(An.in Rum.)
-(three own lectures:Polytrauma,alpha-2, Agonisten, Reg.An. plus Sedierung)
-EDV-Kenntnisse (Win NT ,Word 2000, Microsoft Office Harvard Graphics etc
-Managerkurs,Kurs KKH-Leitung
charity programs:
since 1986 regular sending of goods (medical articles, respiration and anesthesia machines, medica literature, x-ray machines) to the university of Cluj-Napoca(Romania, regular lectures there) volume over 500,000 €
since 1991 -financing or a kidney transplantation for a romanian child at Med.Univ. Hannover by donations.
-creation of association „Tudor e.V.“, three years of help by Lions Club Jever
He is DivingDoc, ViolinDoc, CollectorDoc, PoliticDoc, BenefizDoc Hobbies:
-classical literature
-classical music (viola and violine in several orchestras:
–Gehrdener Chamber Orchestra until 1993-1-31
–New Wilhelmshaven symphony orchestra
–Hamburg doctors orchestra
–German doctors orchestra
— participating at the EDO (European Doctors Orchestra) from Nov 2004
-Sports: surfing, diving (5 times as medical doctor on Maledives for TUI), bicycle
1986-12-23 medical highlight: a four-year-old boy had drowned under ice, was clinically dead for 88 minutes and had a FULL remission of all symptoms!
languages: english, french
1998-8 and 1998-19 -2000 millenium medal of honor by ABI (American Bio.Institute)
-Man of the Year 1998
-Five Hundred Leaders of Influence
-„Outstanding Man of the 20th century“
-Leading intellectuals of the World
-Intellectuals of the 20th Century
1999-5-12 Specialty Anesthesy/Intensive Care by medical chamber of Niedersachsen
1999-11 Responsible transfusion director of Ev. Stiftung Alsterdorf/Hamburg
1999-12 Editor of book „Der Kalender 2000“ (yearly issue)
2000-1 co-editor of journal of anesthesy and intensive care (Pabst science publisher)
2000-5-22 Honor-diploma by oncological institute of University of Cluj-Napoca
2001-8 judge for a professorate at Ben Gurion University Beer Sheva Israel
2001 judge at military court
2001-12-1 -Chief doctor of Anesthesy at Elbe-Jeetzel-Klinik (EJK) Dannenberg/Germany
-Quality manager
-study chairman
2002-2-20 Board member sponsoring association EJK
2002-8 -Organisation of chamber music recitals with young musicians from national competitions. Production of CDs.
-Given 3 violins to prize winners in loan.
2003 lectures about:
-organ transplantation
-heart-lung reanimation (DSO)
-pain lectures (regional training)
-acceptance in the „Who´s Who in the World“ by ABI (American Biographical Institute)
2004 designed president of the congress „risk management in anesthesy“ in Heilbronn/Germany
2004-02-02 Aufgenommen in den wissenschaftlichen Beirat des BDO inclusive der Zeitschrift BDO(Bund der Organtransplantierten)
2004-03-20 Eröffnung einer Gemäldeausstellung mit dem Maler Heinz Sauermann in Dannenberg “ BILDER VOM MEER „
2006-06 Aufnahme in den DeutschenGelehrtenkalender
2005-02 Gemäldeausstellung mit dem Maler Heinz Sauermann anlässlich des 15.Bremer Intensivsymposiums ,16.-18.02.2005
2005-05-05 Sinfoniekonzert mit dem Europ.Ärzte-Orchester in Bukarest,Atheneum
2006-06-11 Sinfoniekonzert mit dem EDO in Budapest Franz List Akademie
2006-05-26 Ernennung zum Zonenchairman LION
2006-11-26 Sinfoniekonzert mit dem EDO in London Royal Academy of Music
2007-04 Eröffnung einer Fotografieausstellung der Kunstfotografen Inselmann&Inselmann im Ohm`schen Haus zu Dannenberg anlässlich der Dannenberger Kulturwoche
2007-06-24 Konzert mit dem EDO im Konzerthaus Am Gendarmenmarkt zu Berlin
2007-09 Eröffnung einer Ausstellung des Malers Heinz Sauermann „Bilder vom Meer“ in der Sparkasse zu Zeven

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