Dave Dahlgren

Dave Dahlgren is TromboneDoc

Dahlgren – Westside Trombone Quartet

It is very fitting that the heart of this organization is a medical doctor. Since his retirement from the practice of radiology, Dr. Dave Dahlgren has become an active freelance solo and ensemble performer on bass trombone, as well as on tenor trombone.

He plays bass trombone in the WTQ, as well as in the Classic Big Band and the Minneapolis Trombone Choir, and tenor trombone in the Normandale Brass Quintet. Dave is a former member of the Minneapolis Brass Ensemble. He continues his studies with Jim ten Bensel and with Scott Moore. He considers it a dream come true to play in a group with players such as Matt, Chris and Lee. Dave serves as the quartet’s promoter, librarian, coordinator and guy-who-makes-things-happen.



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