Clemens Vogel

Clemens Vogel is EventDoc and SoccerDoc


He organised the World Medical Soccer Championships in Mainz in 2006 and plays in the German Medical Soccer Team (see web).


Vogel plays in the German MedSoccerTeam which is presented on an own homepage and their association has been founded in 2001 and is located at his place in Mainz/Germany.

He significantly stimulated the world-wide MedSoccer scene together with his colleague in Barcelona, Ferran Morell. In 2004 -after the 10th World Championship at the same place in Barcelona the „World Medical Football Federation“ (WMFF) was founded and since then the Championship changes place every year.

The German team was World Champion in 1994, 1995, 1997 and 2013


web work

Ärzteblatt about Germany SoccerDocs


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