Clemens Kuby

Clemens Kuby is WriterDoc, CommunityLifeDoc and much more

Movie Living Buddha directed by Clemens Kuby

about Self Healing….

Clemens Kuby (17 November 1947 in Herrsching am Ammersee) is a German documentary writer and film. He is promoter of self healing techniques. He is the nephew of Nobel prize recipient Werner Heisenberg.[1]

Mental Healing

Clemens calls his technique of self-healing Mental healing.[1]

He was active in the German party “Die Grünen” in leading positions. After an accident when he fell down 15 meters and was said to remainin a wheel chair he experienced a sensational self healing which then became his main theme in his concepts.

This lead him to join a modern community of people who live essentials and share many things and build new forms of society
as several other docs do…..!

another film “on the way into another dimension”


Community Schloss Blumenthal



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