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Christiane Berger (born 3 April 1987) is a German figure skater. She is the 2006–07 German national silver medalist and competed at four ISU Championships. Her best result was 14th at the 2001 World Junior Championships. Now she is dentist.

Christiane Berger,

Christiane Berger

date of birth * 3.April 1987
figure skating since: Saison 93/94
Kader: B
School education Abitur
Hobbies Tanzen, Klavierspiele, meine Haustiere
Email-Kontakt on request
Trainer Karin Stephan
Choreographer Natascha Devisch
Uschi Keszler
Saison 2006/2007 Music short program Gruppe Enya

Deutsche Meisterklasse,
internationale Seniorenwettbewerbe    

Music Kür Warschauer Konzert
Erfolge bisher

Link zur Biographie-Seite der ISU

1. Platz, Heiko-Fischer-Pokal 2006, Senioren, Stuttgart, Germany
2. Platz, Deutsche Meisterschaft 2006, Berlin
8. Platz,  “Dragon Trophy 2005 in Zagreb, Kroatien
8. Platz,  “Golden Spin 2005” JGP in Zagreb, Kroatien
1. Platz, Heiko-Fischer-Pokal 2005, Senioren, Stuttgart, Germany
2. Platz, Baden-Württembergische Meisterschaft 2005
3. Platz, Deutsche Meisterschaft 2005, Oberstdorf
3. Platz Generali Cup 2004 in Erfurt, Germany
2. Platz  Offene Berliner Meisterschaften 2005
7. Platz,  Karl Schäfer Memorial 2004 in Wien, Österreich
6. Platz, Deutsche Meisterschaft 2004, Berlin
1. Platz, Thuringia-Pokal 2003, Erfurt, Germany
8. Platz, ISU Junior Grand Prix 2002, Chemnitz, Germany
5. Platz, ISU Junior Grand Prix 2002, Montreal, Canada
5. Platz, Nebelhorn-Trophy 2002, Senioren, Oberstdorf, Germany
1. Platz, Heiko-Fischer-Pokal 2002, Senioren, Stuttgart, Germany
2. Platz, Kempen-Trophy 2002, Junioren, Turnhout Belgien
7. Platz, Deutsche Meisterschaft 2002, Berlin
2. Platz, DEU-Pokal 2001, Dortmund
14. Platz, Juniorenweltmeisterschaft 2001, Sofia
2. Platz, Baden-Württembergische Meisterschaft 2001 
7. Platz, Deutsche Meisterschaft 2001, Oberstdorf
6. Platz, Pokal der blauen Schwerter 2000, ISU Junior Grand Prix 
Deutsche Juniorenmeisterin 2000
Baden-Württembergische Juniorensiegerin 1999
3. Pl. Nachwuchskl., Deutschen Jugendmeisterschaft 1999

Skating career

Berger started skating at age seven. She trained in Mannheim and represented the Mannheimer ERC.

Berger was selected to represent Germany at the 2001 World Junior Championships in Sofia, Bulgaria; she reached the free skate and finished 14th overall. She was eliminated after the qualifying round at the 2002 World Junior Championships in Hamar, Norway.

Berger was off the ice for half a year in 2003 due to a broken foot.[2] She was coached by Peter Sczypa until 2004, when she switched to Karin Stephan. In the 2004–05 season, she won her first senior national medal, bronze, and took silver the next two years. In 2007, she was sent to the European Championships in Warsaw, Poland. Ranked 17th in the short program, she qualified for the free skate and finished 20th overall.

Berger had to sit out the 2007–08 season due to a broken ankle that required surgery.

Christiane Berger bei ihrer Kür der Deutschen Meisterschaften im Eiskunstlauf 2006 in Berlin

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