Cecil G. Helman

Cecil G. Helman was WriterDoc

Cecil Helman (born 4 January 1944 in Cape Town, South Africa, died 15 June 2009) [1][2] was a South African doctor, author, and medical anthropologist.[3] He published poetry, essays, and short stories, as well as academic books and papers.

Helman’s writings focus on patients’ personal narratives and experience of ill-health and suffering,[5] as well as the roles played in medical care by social and cultural factors. Suburban Shaman, his 2006 memoir of medical school in apartheid South Africa, ship’s doctoring in the Mediterranean, family practice in London, and visits to traditional healers in different countries, was serialized by BBC Radio 4 as its ‘Book of the Week’ in March 2006. His textbook Culture, Health and Illness, first published in 1984, has been used in many countries. In his academic capacity, he also wrote articles in medical journals.

In an article of theguardian is mentioned that he also painted.

His books include:

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